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Our Retreat in Ghanta yoga

Ghanta Yoga Is a genuine Balinese yoga system which is able to awaken and radiate Taksu (God's miracles) within us by training and practicing Ghanta energy. Ghanta energy is God's love energy that is able to awaken and radiate God's miracles. By practicing the Ghanta energy, all of the potential God's miracles that exist within us will awaken and radiate, so that they are useful in life. Ghanta yoga and Ghanta energy, when accepted by the Ghanta yoga practitioner is able to master, control and radiate various miracles of God.
The master of Ghanta yoga has given many teachings and trained the students of Ghanta yoga, so that they are able to radiate all the potential miracles of God within themselves. One of the miracles that Ghanta Yoga practitioner can do is he is able to transfer the light of God's love with a touch, so that what is touched be it a human being or an animal or a thing becomes shiny and full of energy.

Package Price is 100 USD for 3 services: Nung Ghanta, Ushada Ghanta and Penglukatan

Projects 1

Nung Ghanta is a system of fortune-telling used in Bali. Ghanta yoga practitioners who have studied and mastered the energy of Nung Ghanta, use ancient Balinese coins called Uang Kepeng. The benefit is to know and find solutions to problems in life, career, work, love, fortune, family and so on.

Projects 2

Ushada Ghanta is a healing system that uses touch to transmit Ghanta energy. Almost all diseases can be cured, both physical, psychological and mental. Ghanta yoga practitioners who have mastered the Usadha Ghanta energy, can flow the energy in your body so strongly that you can feel it in all parts of your body, and the effects or benefits can be seen after the process done.

Projects 4

Penglukatan Bayuh Oton The day of birth brings positive or negative influences on human life. Luck or misfortune, illness, happiness always follow us in this birth according to karma and the day of birth. In Bali, there is a ceremony that is able to prevent us from misfortune, as well as overcome the negative effects of birth days, which is called the Bayuh Oton. Bayuh Oten uses ceremonial offerings called Banten, cleansing and harmonization with the holy water which has been prayed by ghanta yoga priest.

Projects 5

Penglukatan Trimala Ghanta Panglukatan Trimala Ghanta is the process of cleansing, purifying, healing and harmonizing the human body, using three types of holy water, that have been prayed to by a Ghanta yoga priest. The process is of invoking God's power to flow down into the water, using ceremonial means/offerings. We use three types of holy water, because the human body is also composed of three layers that are interconnected. The first layer is the physical body, which is called the Stula Sarira is cleansed and harmonized by the red water. The second layer is the subtle body, or Suksma Sarira which is often called prana and aura, is cleaned with black water. The third layer is the mind and soul or called Antah Karana, is cleansed and harmonized with white water. Changes in facial or body light can be seen immediately after the procession is over. The benefits are the body becomes healthy and feels very light cleans as this process cleanses all the negative energy in the body restoring harmony and peace of mind.


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